ACCIDENTAL ASSASSIN and HE ONLY DIED TWICE and THE EAGER APPRENTICE relate the upward mobility of Nshila IIeloka from birth in a remote African Village to ownership of a country estate in England and a seat in The House of Lords. The central concept is manipulation of people and events by knowledge, skills and actions that are beyond the understanding of the uninitiated. The books tread humorously along the borders of witchcraft, religion, psychology and technology. The heroine specialises in the discreet removal of evil-doers untouchable by law.


ACCIDENTAL ASSASSIN. The child Nshila Ileloka is befriended by the tribal witchdoctor and gains occult skills. At local school, and at university in England, she adds modern knowledge and technological skill to traditional witchcraft. Under cover of her legitimate business she assassinates major villains. The left-hand picture below shows the hut where it all began - where she fled in panic pursued by an angry elder brother and met with kindness.
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£5.99HE ONLY DIED TWICE. An ‘untouchable’ public figure is known to a security service as a major evil-doer. Girls who join his sports clubs are sold on to rich customers in the middle east. His removal must be arranged quietly and permanently. Nshila Ileloka completes the task in style – despite the dual identity of the target. The middle picture below shows the knotted cord that will control the movements of a victim when taken unknowingly into his or her possession. in this story it was used to direct the target into the killing ground.. It is an adaptation of the well-known 'Witches Ladder'. More Pictures.



THE EAGER APPRENTICE. A junior minister learns that a high-profile foreigner, trusted and befriended by the establishement, is in fact a terrorist master-mind. Nobody is going to believe him: assassination is the only option. Nshila Ileloka takes on the task, aided and sometimes hindered by her erratic apprentice. The right-hand picture below shows the peaceful Kent countryside covered by the Smarden Vale Hunt - during which the target was thrown from his horse and died. More Pictures.


Witchdoctors Hut
Witches Capture Cord
Hunting Country