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By post, 61, Inglewood House, Templeton Road, Kintbury, Hungerford, Berkshire. RG17 9AA

Until September 2014 your message would have arrived at a small town in the Weald of Kent in South East England. Weald comes originally from a German word meaning forest. The Weald really was a forest, centuries ago. The land was cleared just around small hilltops and secluded dells, and many place names still have the suffix Hurst or Den. I lived in Hawkhurst for some years.There are still extensive woodlands. In the 19th and early 20th centuries the big industry was hop-growing (for beer) and there are oast-houses everywhere - kiln-like buildings for drying hops. (There used to be a brewery where my previous house stands.) Kent has three distinct parts. It is industrial up along the river Thames and the Medway towns. The Weald is all small hills and valleys with red tile roofs peeping through the trees. Romney Marsh is flat and misty and mysterious. It was much used by smugglers in times past to import luxury goods from France and avoid customs duty. Cranbrook was important in the 15th Century because of the wool trade. Nothing much has happened since, although it was the headquarters of the Observer Corps in WWII.The picture shows houses all jumbled together. But there has been plenty of recent new building - from the top of the church tower you can see the old part huddled together and the new parts surrounding it. In our old narrow streets you can easily be killed by a foreign juggernaut relying on SatNav. You can find me on Twitter as Chris Elgood and you can find my heroine there as Witchwork. And there is a link to my BLOG on the HOME page.

Old age dictated a move to my new address. Details of that later.

Stories written here

A typical country scene in The Weald of Kent near Cranbrook. Small hills and valleys and woodland.

Stories written here

A town scene in Cranbrook. House jumbled together in an unplanned way, with several different styles.