Chris Elgood - the author

Born 1932 to conventional English middle-class family. School. Cambridge University, studying English, then Archeologay and Anthropology. BA Degree.. Stores supervisor in tribal area of the Lozi people (Barotseland) on the upper Zambesi. Schoolteacher (New Zealand) and then Civil Servant (Northern Rhodesia/Zambia).  Industrial training executive (STC & GKN). Lecturer (Police Staff College). Consultant dealing with Management Games and Simulations. Prep-school sports coach - rifle shooting. Author. Related interests - see Thingsbelieved.

I wrote The Handbook of Management Games and Simulations. (Gower Press). It did very well, but was all work-related. Nobody read it for fun. My daughter now runs Elood Effective Learning and I write books that I hope people will enjoy. I could have died before finding a traditional publisher so I paid money to have Accidental Assassin. published by The Book Guild. Production good: marketing less so. Now I self-publish and offer three books - unpretentious, easy-to-read stories in which evil men meet mysterious deaths. I have shares in Elgood & Sons Ltd, who brew fine beer at Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.

Nshila Marghrita Ileloka - the heroine

"As unique as she is charismatic - a remarkable youg lady"  - says one reader. Born in a remote African village. Befriended by the tribal witchdoctor and grasped the elementary principles of sympathetic and Imitiative Magic. Attended secondary school in Africa - then The London School of Economics and The Open University.

Bought The Rain Consultancy, Eastcheap, London as cover for less regular activities.

Extended the skills learnt from her witchdoctor mentor by adding a knowledge of European magic and technological wizardry.

Unable to resist experiments and challenges, she developed a career as a consultant assassin, accepting as targets only the most despicable and otherwise untouchable people. Evil-doers meet an appropriate fate. She mixes magic, witchcraft and technology to achieve her ends but is often unsure which has the most influence. Villains successfully removed include a cattle-thief from a neighbouring tribe, a bent policeman, a con-artist and asset-stripper, a white slaver and an aristocratic foreign terrorist. She has an apprentice who is enthusiastic but erratic. Her status in her adopted country has steadily increased.   HOME

Photograph of Chris Elgood
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